1935-dated $1 Silver Certificate


Select a Grade: Choice Crisp Uncirculated

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Now you can add a Choice Crisp Uncirculated $1 Silver Certificate bearing the 1935 date to your collection! Once redeemable for one silver dollar or silver bullion on demand, these small-size notes recall the days when paper money was backed by more than a promise. From 1933 to 1963, Silver Certificates were the only circulating notes redeemable for precious metal. In the early 1960s, when the value of silver dollar coins rose above their face value, profiteers began redeeming Silver Certificates for the coins.

To stem the flood, Congress abolished these popular notes in 1963, and a year later the Treasury stopped paying out silverdollars. Millions of these memorable notes with telltale blue seals and serial numbers were redeemed and destroyed and,within a decade, they nearly disappeared from circulation. The few that escaped were tucked away by farseeing collectors. Now 55 years later, you have the opportunity to own a sought-after 1935-dated $1 Silver Certificate. Each note is in beautiful Choice Crisp Uncirculated condition. Signatures vary (our choice).