1934A Hawaii $10 Federal Reserve Note


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Highlight your collection with this prized memento of World War II. As a precaution against Japanese invasion and occupation of Hawaii after the attack on Pearl Harbor, specially marked currency was issued for those islands to replace regular U.S. currency. The Emergency Notes, including this Series 1934A $10 Federal Reserve Note, were distinguished by brown serial numbers and seals, vertical hawaii overprints on each side of the face, and hawaii in large outline letters across the back. The overprints would allow the notes to be easily identified and declared worthless if large quantities fell into enemy hands.

Hawaii Emergency Notes are in great demand among collectors and history buffs alike. Add this popular $10 issue to your collection in attractive Fine condition. Comes presented in a FREE currency holder, complete with an informative card that tells the story of these emergency-issue notes. Order now, and you’ll also enjoy a special 75th anniversary savings off the regular price. Special price expires 10/26/2020.