1934-1938 Buffalo Nickel Collection with Folder


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Recall the colorful, adventurous days of America's Old West with a collector's set of genuine Buffalo nickels! First issued over 100 years ago, these cherished coins depict and honor our native heritage. And they feature the proud people and the mighty animals that have inhabited the American West for thousands of years. A stately profile of a tribal chief is displayed on the obverse – while the legendary buffalo, which once roamed the great western plains in thunderous herds, is on the reverse.

Given their age, and great popularity among collectors, these nickels become more difficult to find each year. While supplies last, you can get 17 different handpicked Buffalo nickels in Average Circulated or better condition. This includes 12 regular-issue coins from 1934-1938 – the last five years of the series.

Along with your historic nickels, you'll receive Littleton's custom Buffalo nickel folder, absolutely FREE. You can handsomely display the coins in this set, and have spaces for other issues to continue your nickel collection at your convenience. Plus, get a FREE Buffalo nickel, generously layered with 24k gold! In addition, when you order today, you'll enjoy a special SAVINGS off individual coin prices. Order your set today!