1932-1964 Washington Quarter Collection


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Add to your collection with 15 early Washington silver quarters, including the important 1932 first-year and 1964 last-year-of-90%-silver issues! Over the years, quarters have been overlooked as collector coins, perhaps because they're such incredible "workhorses." Used on a daily basis, many people never thought about putting them aside. And over the years, millions have been melted down for their 90% silver content – so today, no one knows for sure just how many survive.

As demand for older silver coins continues to grow, these quarters become even more popular with collectors. So don't miss this chance to expand your collection! Order today, and own 15 early Washington quarters in Circulated or better condition – all struck in 90% silver from 1932-1964. Plus, enjoy 2 FREE gifts – an archival-quality album and a U.S. Constitution replica!