1931-S Lincoln Cent, Red Brown


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Here's your chance to add one of the most prized early Lincolns to your collection – the 1931-S – still in mint state! This key-date cent was created in 1931 during the Great Depression and is a date every collector must have! At the start of the Depression in 1930, the San Francisco Mint struck over 24 million Lincoln cents. But a year later, because of a crippled economy and decreased demand for coinage, a mere 866,000 cents were struck! And, for the next 3 years, no "S" Mint 1¢ coins were produced at all.

The 1931-S has the second lowest mintage in the entire Lincoln cent series (only the 1909-S V.D.B. was struck in fewer numbers). Nowadays, this key-date is tough to find, especially in the Very Choice Uncirculated condition offered here. Plus, the CAC designation means it displays a strong strike and eye appeal, making it very desirable! Your Lincoln cent collection is not complete without the 1931-S, so why not add this red brown prize today!