1931-D Lincoln Head Cent CIRC


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Struck over 75 years ago during the Great Depression, the low-mintage 1931-D cent has become a semi-key date coin in the long-running Lincoln series. After striking over 40 million cents in 1930, the Denver Mint produced less than 4.5 million cents in 1931 as coin demand rapidly declined.

  • Among the lowest mintages in the Lincoln series
  • Struck during the Depression's low coin demand
  • Less than 20% of 1931 cents minted at Denver
  • Sought-after coin for all Lincoln cent collectors
  • Semi-key date coin that is difficult to find today!

  • With a new design looming for the Lincoln cent, there is greatly increased interest in the traditional early Lincoln Wheat Ears cents. Now is the time to acquire this important semi-key date coin!