1928-1957 $1 Silver Certificate Type Set

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One of the things I find fascinating about collecting U.S. paper money is the variety you’ll find within a particular denomination and type. Now, I’m pleased to offer you this exciting opportunity! With this 1928-1957 set, you’ll enjoy six major design types and variations of small-size $1 Silver Certificates! With this Type Set, you’ll own:

  • 1928 Funnyback – the first small-size Silver Certificate with a popular back design
  • 1934 – scarcest of the small-size $1 Silver Certificates
  • 1935 No Motto – in god we trust was not included in the original design
  • 1935 With Motto – the motto in god we trust was added to the series, making two identifiable varieties within this series date
  • 1935 hawaii note – issued following the attack on Pearl Harbor
  • 1957 – last series year for the small-size $1 Silver Certificate

This is a perfect set for anyone looking to grow their paper money collection. It’s a prized set that recalls the time when paper money was redeemable for silver on demand! Your notes come presented in a FREE display holder with spaces for all six notes. Add prestige to your collection with this historic Type Set. Signatures our choice. I urge you to order quickly. Our supply is limited, and these notes are in high demand with collectors.