1928-1957 $1 Silver Certificate "First & Last" Type Set


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Thanks to a special-purchase opportunity, I'm pleased to offer you a bold, crisp "First & Last" type set of small-size $1 Silver Certificates! Plus, the earlier "Funnybacks" were acquired from old-time original packs. This is a very exciting find for our buyers nowadays – they simply don' see original packs like this anymore.

  • Series 1928A $1 "Funnyback" – Featuring the first small-size $1 Silver Certificate design, this note displays a light green border and large, green ornamental one on its back. Its contrast to the contemporary black-and-white face gave the note its nickname "Funnyback."
  • Series 1957A $1 Star Note – The final $1 Silver Certificate design features the motto in god we trust on back. This note displays a star beside the serial number, indicating its special status as a replacement note for one damaged during the manufacturing process. Fewer than 1% of all 1957A $1 Silver Certificates bear this star.

Featuring blue seals and serial numbers, both notes still have nice original color and are as crisp as the day they were printed more than half a century ago. They are classic reminders of a time when money was good for silver on demand! Each set includes a FREE currency wallet, plus you'll SAVE off individual note prices. Order now, as pack fresh notes like these are nearly impossible to come across and there's no telling when we'll be able to offer a set like this again!