1928-1934 Complete $20 Small-Size Note Type Set


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U.S. currency has seen many changes over the years. And now you can jump-start your paper money collection, with this $20 Small-Size Note Type Set! You’ll enjoy 5 different notes dated 1928-1934:

  • Series 1929 National Bank Note – brown seal & serial number
  • Series 1929 Federal Reserve Bank Note – with brown seal issued as emergency currency during the Great Depression
  • Series 1928 Federal Reserve Note – green seal & serial number
  • Series 1934A Federal Reserve Note, hawaii – with brown seal & serial numbers, issued for emergency use during WWII. These notes were overprinted with in bold letters on the face and back, and could be declared worthless if they fell into enemy hands.
  • Series 1928 Gold Certificate – gold seal & serial numbers. Once redeemable for gold coin on demand!

Issued in the years before, during and following World War II, these notes are now seldom seen – and nearly impossible to find in circulation. Don’t miss this chance to add them to your collection! But our supply is limited, so order today.