1927 Peace Silver Dollar


Select a Grade: Very Choice Uncirculated 64 PCGS

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Act now to add a genuine 1927 Peace silver dollar to your collection! Most collectors will never own this classic 90%-silver dollar from the Philadelphia Mint. With only 848,000 struck, it's from the second-lowest mintage of Peace dollars struck for circulation – and the third lowest of the entire series! Issued from 1921–1935, the Peace dollar is the only U.S. silver dollar issued to commemorate peace. The obverse features Liberty wearing a tiara of light, framed by the mottoes liberty and in god we trvst. (The word "trust" is spelled in classic style, with V in place of U.) The reverse bears the inscription peace and shows an eagle with an olive branch perched on a rock above a rising unseen sun. Don't miss this opportunity to add the 1927 Peace silver dollar to your collection. Buy yours now!