1926-S Peace Dollar in Deluxe Holder with Display Box


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Even if you aren't collecting silver dollars, here’s one you’ll want to own. This 1926 San Francisco Mint Peace dollar features god in high relief – an alteration some say could have been related to the infamous Scopes Monkey Trial! The change escaped detection for over 70 years, until its discovery at the turn of the 21st century.

While examining some 1926 Peace dollars, numismatic expert David W. Lange noticed the word god was in high relief. Because the high relief appears on dollars from all three mints (Philadelphia, Denver & San Francisco), the change was probably made to the master die. Numismatic News reported his discovery in the September 21, 1999 edition.

Lange speculated the high relief god was the work of a skilled engraver who probably made the change near the end of 1925. In 1925, Darwin’s theory of evolution made national headlines during the Scopes Monkey Trial. That year, young teacher John Scopes was tried for breaking a Tennessee law against teaching evolution. The trial pitted science against religion, and prosecutor William Jennings Bryan against famed attorney Clarence Darrow. Perhaps the engraver was expressing his strong religious sentiment. To the best of our knowledge, the prominent word god on the 1926 Peace dollar is unique to that year. Add this exciting coin to your collection now!