1925 Lexington-Concord Sesquicentennial Silver Half Dollar


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At sunrise on April 19, 1775, a small group of colonial militia faced down the British redcoats at Lexington, MA and again at Concord, firing the shot that was heard around the world! One hundred fifty years later in 1925, the Philadelphia Mint struck the Lexington-Concord commemorative half dollar, honoring those important battles. Now while supplies last, you can add this 90% silver classic to your collection.

Designed by Chester Beach, this dual-dated 1775-1925 coin's obverse features an image of the Minuteman statue found in Concord, Massachusetts. The reverse shows the Belfry at Lexington, whose bell sounded the warning that early April morning long ago. A mere 162,013 historic silver halves were distributed over eighty-five years ago, and all but 86 (which were returned to the mint) were sold to the public. Due to their popularity, it's been years since we could feature this very desirable commemorative in our catalog and below are two affordable grades to choose from - don't wait to get yours.