1925-D Gold $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle


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Thanks to a recent purchase opportunity, we’re pleased to feature lustrous examples of the 1925-D $2.50 Indian Head gold piece. The Denver Mint struck these unique coins for just three years during the 1908-1929 series, and 1925 was the last one. Born of the Colorado gold rush, the Denver Mint was originally built to strike this precious metal into coins rather than risk transporting it to distant facilities.

Bearing a design created by Bela Lyon Pratt (protégé of acclaimed designer Augustus Saint-Gaudens), this was the first U.S. coin to depict an actual Native American (rather than a representative portrait). Its unusual incuse design displays all the lettering and images recessed below the flat surfaces of the coin – a distinctive feature found only on Pratt’s 1908-1929 $2.50 and $5.00 gold pieces.

The 1925-D issue offered here has been hand selected by our buyers for quality, and is graded About Uncirculated, AU-50. These precious 90% gold issues were minted in modest quantities, and many were lost to the gold melts over the past 95 years. Don’t miss out – order now to own a beautiful example of the final Denver Mint $2.50 gold piece.