1925-1930 Consecutively Dated Denver Mint Lincoln Cent Set


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Early branch mint Wheaties were struck in much smaller quantities than those from the Philadelphia Mint and are eagerly sought after by collectors. Now, you can add six early Denver Mint issues to your collection, struck over 85 years ago and consecutively dated from 1925-1930!

When these early Wheatie cents were minted, most went right into circulation, because it wasn't until the advent of the penny board in the late 1920s that date and mint mark collecting started. And by 1983, when the Lincoln cent specialist Sol Taylor published his Standard Guide to the Lincoln Cent, he estimated that 99.99% of all Lincolns dated before 1940 had been pulled from circulation. With each passing year, early Wheat Ear cents grow harder to find – with all major features sharply defined. So don't wait to get this 6-coin set of consecutive "D" Mint Wheaties!