1924-D Lincoln Head Cent, Very Good


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As the longest running obverse design in U.S. coinage history, the Lincoln cent marks its 100th anniversary this year. So we're pleased to offer you the scarce 1924-D Lincoln cent! This key date Lincoln, with the traditional Wheat Ear reverse, is needed by every collector who wants to build a complete date and mint mark set. If you've been waiting to fill that hole in your collection, now's the time to add this scarce 1924-D cent!

Before the advent of the penny board, most collectors didn't put together date and mint mark sets. So when the 1924-D was released, most went into circulation. With only 2.5 million struck, this Lincoln cent has the second lowest mintage of all the Denver issues! Make your selection from the affordable Average Circulated grade, or the highly collectible grade of Very Fine. Either way, you'll enjoy this scarce branch mint coin, prized by collectors.