1923-S Monroe Doctrine Centennial Silver Half Dollar


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The 1920s were roaring. Speakeasies flourished, Bessie Smith belted the blues, and images of Charlie Chaplin filled the silent screen – but Hollywood was embroiled in scandal. To help improve its image, the film industry held a public exposition and pushed to have a 1923 commemorative struck for the event.

Since that year marked the 100th anniversary of the Monroe Doctrine, it was decided to honor the occasion on a 90% silver half dollar. Just 274,077 coins were issued, featuring John Quincy Adams and James Monroe – the framers of what would become the cornerstone of American foreign policy – on the obverse. On the reverse are two women forming the continents of North and South America, designed in the fluid, artistic style of the early 1900s. This coin makes an affordable way to add this unusual and historic issue to your collection. Order yours today!