1926-1935 Fasces Ax Set in Deluxe Holder

(2 coins)


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Since the days of ancient Rome, the fasces – an ax whose handle is crafted from a large bundle of wood sticks – has stood as a symbol of authority and strength. It’s been used on currency designs around the globe, and now you can add two of these classic designs to your collection!

  • 1926-1935 Italy 5 Lire – struck in 83.5% silver, the reverse shows an eagle holding a fasces between its talons.
  • 1927 Mercury dime – in addition to the depiction of Liberty in a winged cap on the obverse (signifying freedom of thought), this beloved 90% silver coin shows a fasces with an olive branch on the reverse.

Each coin comes in a protective holder with special label, and the pair is displayed together in a handsome case. Add history and symbolism to your collection – order now!