1917 $1 Legal Tender Note


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From Series 1917, this popular $1 Legal Tender Note is the final issue in a popular, long-running series! Nicknamed the “Sawhorse” for its intricate back design, which features a large X, this exquisite motif was first printed in the 1870s. Issued for more than half a century, it ended with these Series 1917 notes, which were issued during the tenure of U.S. Treasury officials Harley Speelman and Frank White – whose signatures appear on the note’s face. Available now because of a special purchase, these lightly circulated pieces are still crisp and bright with bold color. The face features a portrait of George Washington along with a detailed vignette titled Columbus Discovery of Land. Last issued over 90 years ago, this distinctive note is available here in your choice of two in-demand collector grades, both carrying the Premium Paper Quality designation. These notes are highly sought after, and demand outpaces availability – so order now, supplies are limited.