1916-D Mercury Dime VG


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Mercury silver dimes of 1916-1945 are in great demand among collectors for their beauty and their history – bearing an acclaimed design by the noted sculptor A.A. Weinman (who also created the Liberty Walking half), and spanning the eventful era of two world wars...

In their debut year of 1916, only 264,000 Mercury silver dimes were struck at the Denver Mint! This was by far the lowest mintage of the series, and when date and mint mark collecting became popular in the 1930s, album manufacturers just left a filled space for the issue marked "rare." Now decades later, the 1916-D is among the most celebrated 20th century coins – and the KEY to any complete collection of Mercury silver dimes!

If you've ever hoped to own this treasured issue, here's your chance to acquire a certified genuine 1916-D Mercury silver dime. But supplies are limited – don't delay!