1914-D Gold $2.50 Indian Head Quarter Eagle


Grade: Extra Fine

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Now add a low-mintage 1914-D Indian Head quarter eagle featuring unique incused design to your collection. Designer Bela Lyon Pratt chose to sink or "incuse" the coin's designs below the surfaces, rather than use traditional raised designs. This created a distinctive look found only on America's $2.50 (and $5.00) gold coins of 1908-29!

According to numismatist David Akers, these low-mintage 1914-D $2.50 gold pieces are the third rarest coins in the series. Just 448,000 came from Denver. Through time, many have been lost or melted for their 90% gold content. But now, even after 100 years, we're able to offer you these coins in detailed condition, still showing their artistic quality and some original luster. Don't wait – add this unique gold design to your collection today!