1914-1916 Last 3 Years Barber Quarter Set


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Now add the last three years of silver Barber quarters to your collection. You'll get coins from 1914, 1915, and the important last-year-of-series coin from 1916. Minted in 90% silver, these classics recall America's transition from agriculture to industry, horse and buggy to auto, and gaslight to electricity.

Featuring Charles Barber's bold Liberty Head and Heraldic Eagle designs, these quarters are from an age when the average worker earned less than 25¢ an hour. Back then, few could afford to collect these silver coins, so most went into circulation. Today Barber quarters are tough to find, but highly sought after for their age, classic design and silver content. Don't miss your chance to get this set of Barber quarters from the series' last three years!