1910 Gold $5 Indian Head in Holder

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America’s coinage renaissance was in full swing just over a century ago. From this movement, we received America’s only half eagle series with an incuse design – the gold $5.00 Indian Head. And now, thanks to a special purchase opportunity, I’m pleased to offer you a nicely detailed example of the extremely popular 1910 issue.

This early 20th-century Indian Head gold series was designed by Boston sculptor Bela Lyon Pratt – protégé of Augustus Saint-Gaudens. Pratt’s incuse design for $5 and $2.50 gold pieces of 1908-1929, with the images and inscriptions recessed below the surface, was inspired by ancient Egyptian incuse art and is unique among U.S. coins.

As these coins were being struck in 1910, the Boy Scouts of America was founded, and Halley’s Comet made a pass by Earth. Imagine all the historic events these coins have seen – or who may have held them in the past! Now you can, with one of these Extra Fine 1910 Indian Head $5 gold pieces in your hand. Of the original 604,000 coins minted in Philadelphia in 1910, experts today estimate that only 16,500 still survive. Each coin comes presented in a deluxe holder so that you can truly hold history in your hand, all while preserving it for generations to come. Order now to enjoy this historic 90% gold piece!