1909 Gold $2.50 Indian Head ANACS AU55


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From the renaissance of U.S. coinage comes America's only quarter eagle series with an incuse design – the gold $2.50 Indian Head of 1908-1929. Created over a century ago by Bela Lyon Pratt, protégé of Augustus Saint-Gaudens, his unique design departs from traditional coinage of the past. Pratt chose to sink or "incuse" the coin's designs below the surfaces. The look is found only on the quarter and half eagle series of the era, and never again.

Released for just 13 years at the beginning of the 20th century, the $2.50 gold quarter eagle is now difficult to locate decades later – especially attractive About Uncirculated pieces. That's because many were lost through attrition, made into jewelry or melted for their 90% gold content. So if you want a classic Indian Head quarter eagle from the second year of issue, displaying much of its original mint luster – be sure to call today!