1908-1929 Indian Head $2.50 Gold Quarter Eagle


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Part of the great coinage renaissance of the early 20th century inspired by President Theodore Roosevelt, the Indian Head $2.50 gold quartereagle bears an unusual incuse design – with all lettering and images recessed below the flat surfaces of the coin. This distinctive feature isfound only on 1908-1929 Indian Head $2.50 and $5.00 gold pieces designed by Bela Lyon Pratt – an accomplished sculptor and protégé ofAugustus Saint-Gaudens.Minted in modest quantities compared to coins of other compositions, many Indian Head quarter eagles were lost to the melting pot afterPresident Franklin Roosevelt's Gold Recall Order during the Great Depression. But while supplies last, you can own this coin in desirableExtra Fine condition. With light wear, you can enjoy the details of the incuse images of a Native American chief and the iconic bald eagle. Order today!