1907 Indian Head $10 Gold Eagle, No Motto, No Periods


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This magnificent $10 gold piece was struck during the first year of the last $10 gold eagle series!

  • Designed by renowned sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, who also designed the last $20 gold double eagle (which debuted the same year)
  • Obverse depicts Liberty wearing a Native American headdress, with date below and 13 stars above for the 13 original states
  • Reverse features a majestic standing eagle
  • Edge features 46 raised stars – one for each state in the Union at the time
  • No periods in e pluribus unum and before & after united states of america and ten dollars
  • Does not bear motto in god we trust, as President Theodore Roosevelt the inscription was blasphemy (the motto was restored by Congress in 1908)

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