1907 $5 Legal Tender Note with Engraving Error


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Now, thanks to a special purchase opportunity, we can offer you a rare Series 1907 “Woodchopper” error note! Nicknamed for their detailed engraving of a pioneer family, these are the last of America’s large-size $5 Legal Tender Notes, but that’s not what makes them rare. What makes these notes especially desirable is the error that appears on its back. They show the “u” in the word public as a “c” on the back of the note’s obligation. Little is known of “how” or “why” this error has occurred, but we do know that it has been traced to just a small number of back plates, and as a result, very few of these unusual notes have ever appeared for sale. No surprise, our supply is strictly limited. So don’t put off your purchase of a rare “Woodchopper” error note.