1907-1921 Denver Mint Denomination Set


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Now own four 90% silver coins issued by the Denver Mint during its early days! With this historic set, you'll enjoy a Barber dime, quarter and half dollar all issued from 1907-1916. Plus, you get the prestigious last-year 1921-D Morgan dollar, marking the first and only time the Denver Mint struck these silver dollars. All coins in this set bear the coveted "D" mint mark.

In 1858, a group of prospectors found gold in a river on the outskirts of present-day Denver. When the word got back East, the slogan "Pike's Peak or Bust" was born! With the substantial discoveries of gold in Idaho Springs, Central City and Black Hawk, the region's population exploded and Colorado Territory was formed. By 1895, Congress earmarked money for a new mint, and in February 1906, the Denver Mint struck its firstcoins. The mint still operates today.

Each coin was issued over 95 years ago, and recalls a bygone American era. Your set comes presented in a FREE display case – and you'll SAVE off single coin prices!