1907 $10 Gold Certificates


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Customer Reviews

When I came across a small quantity of Series 1907 $10 Gold Certificates, I jumped at the chance to offer them here. Not only are they scarcer than their Series 1922 counterparts, they’re also the highest quality notes of this type we’ve ever been able to offer! These scarce notes depicting the first U.S. treasurer Michael Hillegas feature the only large-size $10 gold certificate design. Once redeemable for gold on demand, each recalls the final days of America’s “golden age.”

With the Great Depression came FDR’s Gold Recall Order of 1933, which made it illegal to own gold coins or notes. Hundreds of thousands of collectors had to give up their colorful certificates. Fortunately, some survived, and in 1964 when restrictions were lifted, Gold Certificates came out of hiding.

These attractive $10 Gold Certificates have been graded by our experts and certified by PMG with the Exceptional Paper Quality designation. Striking color, large size, and a rich history make these scarce notes today’s collector must-haves. I urge you to order quickly, as our supply is very limited.