1901-O Morgan Silver Dollar in Display Case


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To collectors in the early 1900s, lustrous Mint State 1901-O New Orleans silver dollars were considered part of the great Morgan rarities. That's because when the southern mint shut its doors for good, it transferred hundreds of bags of silver dollars to U.S. Treasury vaults in Washington D.C. where they lay forgotten for decades. Dribs and drabs trickled out, but in the fall of 1962, the long-sealed treasury vault doors opened and hoards of silver dollars became available.

Thousands of sparkling 1901 New Orleans Morgans were released much to collectors' delight, and changed the face of Morgan dollar collecting forever. Now, after the passage of more than fifty years, these prized silver dollars are widely scattered in private collections. So we buy them anytime we can, hand selecting each 1901-O Morgan for quality and eye appeal. Choose a lustrous Mint State silver dollar for your collection, but don' wait – it's been years since we've had enough available to feature these and who knows when we can again!