1901-1907 Gold $2.50 Liberty Head


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Now thanks to a special purchase, you can own a beautiful $2.50 Liberty Head gold piece from an old-time accumulation. These elusive 1901-1907 gold quarter eagles are so hard to find in quantity, we rarely feature them in our catalogs. But while our supply lasts, you can enjoy this elusive coin in Choice Uncirculated condition with full mint luster and all of the original design details.

Over 175 years ago, Christian Gobrecht created his classic Liberty Head design. This simple, elegant design graced $2.50 gold pieces for over 65 years, through 1907. Today, because of their small size and classic Liberty motif, the gold quarter eagles are collector favorites.

Unlike the $5, $10 & $20 gold denominations, the $2.50 quarter eagles didn’t go overseas. In the West, these tiny gold pieces circulated, and in the East, they were frequently given as gifts. Then in 1933, FDR’s Gold Recall Order called in U.S. gold coins and many quarter eagles were melted – leaving fewer than published mintage figures for collectors today. And, because $2.50 gold pieces were used, they’re scattered, which makes locating an attractive group of survivors difficult.

But due to an old-time accumulation that allowed a group of Mint State $2.50 quarter eagles to stay together, you can add this classic to your collection. Each beautiful Choice Uncirculated gold piece has been hand selected for quality and eye appeal by our experts and is certified by PCGS or NGC. Get yours right away – our supply is limited!