1901 $10 Legal Tender "Bison" Note

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Here's one of the most popular large-size U.S. notes ever issued! The Series 1901 $10 Legal Tender Note – nicknamed the "Bison Note" or "Buffalo Bill" – is the only federally issued note to feature an American bison. Collector demand for these elusive notes outpaces supply, so we seldom have enough to feature them in our catalogs. Especially in this condition!

When these notes circulated, they were folded and carried in wallets due to their large size. This practice affected the major design elements: the bison, seal, Lewis & Clark portraits and depiction of Columbia. But notes in Fine condition – like this one – retain much of the original detail, making them prized by collectors. To date, PMG has certified only 107 in this condition, and just 1,724 in higher grades!

  • Ranked #6 in 100 Greatest American Currency Notes
  • Large-size note measures 7 3/8" x 3 1/8"
  • Face depicts rugged American bison between vignettes of Lewis and Clark
  • Back features female figure symbolizing Columbia
  • Small red scalloped seal and red serial numbers
  • Speelman-White signatures
  • Photo shows actual note you will receive

Recalling the wild American West, this "Buffalo Bill" note is sought after by collectors around the world. So take advantage of this opportunity to add it to your collection today!