1900-O/CC Morgan Silver Dollar


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Thanks to a special purchase, we're able to offer you the scarce 1900-O/CC Morgan dollar – in your choice of lustrous Mint State grades! It's unusual to find a group of this highly desirable over mint mark variety. So when our buyers came across an outstanding group, they jumped at the chance to get them for you!

When more than $75,000 in gold was found to be missing from the Carson City Mint, the facility was converted to an assay office in 1895 and their unused dies were returned to Philadelphia. Then, by the end of the 1890s, demand for Morgan dollars increased as the country began recovering from a recession. With the Philadelphia Mint busy producing small-denomination silver coins and gold pieces, New Orleans went in to overtime striking silver dollars. Soon they needed more dies – so a few leftover Carson City dies hastily had their "CC" mint mark overstamped with the "O" mint mark of New Orleans.

  • It's estimated that only 10% of all 1900-O Morgans were struck with the CC mark still partly visible!
  • This O over CC mint mark is one of the most interesting and sought-after varieties in the Morgan dollar series.
  • These coins have been handpicked by our experts and certified by PCGS
  • Choice from fully lustrous, Premium Mint State grades