1900-1916 PDOS Barber Silver Quarter Set


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Own four 90% silver Barber quarters – each over a century old – in one complete all-mint set! Named for their designer, Charles E. Barber, these classic silver coins were among the last U.S. coins to bear a traditional depiction of Liberty. And your set includes one coin from each U.S. Mint that struck them:

  • Philadelphia (no mint mark) – the original U.S. Mint
  • Denver (“D”) – minting coins since 1906
  • New Orleans (“O”) – shut down in 1909
  • San Francisco (“S”) – born of the California gold rush

Issued 1900-1916, these silver quarters had far more buying power than today’s clad quarters. They are long-vanished from circulation, and harder to find with each passing year. So don’t miss this chance to add them to your collection. Order your affordably priced all-mint set today.