1900-1909 Barber Half Dollar Year Set

90% Silver (10 coins)


Select a Grade: Circulated or Better

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Here’s an opportunity you won’t want to miss! This historic year set gives you a low-mintage Barber half dollar from each year, 1900-1909! Issued from 1892-1915, 90% silver Barber halves ushered in the 20th century – and the consecutive coins in this set recall the Gold Standard Act, the start of construction on the Panama Canal, and the debut of Ford’s Model T.

These large silver coins offer the perfect way to enjoy Charles E. Barber’s classic Liberty and Heraldic Eagle designs. They also had tremendous buying power compared to today’s coinage. In their day, each Barber half was worth as much as half a day’s pay! Classic Barber half dollars were struck only in very modest quantities. Plus, many were lost to silver melts of the 1970s and ‘80s and only a limited number of these century-old silver coins exist today. Your 1900-1909 year set includes coins from the Philadelphia, Denver, New Orleans and San Francisco Mints. Plus, you’ll get a FREE deluxe album and you’ll SAVE off individual prices. We only have a limited number of sets available, so order yours today.