1896 $1 Silver Certificate, Educational Note


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Considered America’s most beautiful, artistic $1 note, these treasured 1896 Silver Certificates are in great demand. They recall an era when paper currency was backed by silver and large-size notes measured an impressive 7" x 3". This Educational Note is engraved with History Instructing Youth. The goddess, History, teaches a young boy about the U.S. Constitution, displayed at right, with the Capitol, Washington Monument and Potomac River in the background. Around the border are wreaths bearing the last names of important citizens who shaped America, such as Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Robert Fulton and Ulysses S. Grant. The back shows the only joint portraits of Martha and George Washington on U.S. money.

Now over 120 years old, these highly prized notes are difficult to locate, and our supply is extremely limited. Don’t miss this opportunity to own America’s most beautiful $1 note – order yours before they’re gone!