1895-1908 PDS $5 Gold Liberty Head Half Eagle Set


Select a Grade: Extra Fine-About Uncirculated

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Although millions of gold coins were struck from 1830 to 1930, relatively few are seen today. That's why this special offer of Century Old Liberty Head half eagles is so exciting...

In 1933, President Roosevelt recalled gold coinage, and most was redeemed and destroyed. The few that were saved quickly went into private collections. It's these remaining coins that are avidly pursued. Now you can bring three different 90% gold half eagles to your own collection.

With this all-mint set, you'll get one gold half eagle coin from each mint that struck them from 1895 to 1908: Philadelphia, Denver and San Francisco. And because each piece is still in beautiful Extra Fine to About Uncirculated condition, you'll enjoy all the design details of Liberty and the majestic eagle. Plus when you order this exciting set now, you'll SAVE off individual prices.