1890-S Morgan Silver Dollar in Deluxe Holder

Uncirculated, MS60


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There’s nothing quite like the classic beauty of a historic Morgan silver dollar. Now, thanks to a fortunate purchase, I’m pleased to offer you these handsome classics, struck in 1890 at the San Francisco Mint.

Born of the great Comstock Lode, these 90% silver coins recall America’s Wild West. They were released the same year the Sherman Silver Purchase Act was passed. This required the Secretary of the Treasury to purchase silver for the creation of dollar coins.

It’s been more than 130 years since these coins were struck, and we simply don’t come across them in quantity very often anymore. Coins from this era bearing the “S” mint mark are renowned for being well struck – and these are no exception.

Offering historic appeal and large size, Morgan dollars are disappearing into private collections where they could remain for generations – making it even more challenging to locate these beautiful silver dollars. Act now to add a nice example of this classic 1890-S Morgan silver dollar to your collection.