1887-1909 Complete Year Set of Indian Head Cents with Folder


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Jump-start or give your collection a big boost with this set of 23 consecutively dated Indian Head cents last issued over a century ago! You’ll get one Indian Head cent from each year spanning 1887-1909, all struck at the Philadelphia Mint. You’ll enjoy the 1894 issue – lowest mintage of the 1890s – plus other low-mintage 1880's and 1890's dates, and the prized last-year 1909 Indian Head cent.

These bronze coins were issued during America’s westward expansion, the Klondike gold rush and the debut of the automobile and airplane. Struck in limited quantities compared to modern issues, these favorites depict Liberty wearing an Indian headdress on the obverse and the denomination one cent within a wreath on the reverse. Your 23-coin set in affordable Genuine or Better condition comes with a FREE custom display folder, and you’ll SAVE off individual coin prices!