1884-O Morgan Silver Dollar

New Orleans Mint


Select a Grade: Very Choice Uncirculated

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Thanks to a recent purchase opportunity, we’re pleased to offer you these beautiful Mint State examples of the 1884-O Morgan dollar. Struck in 90% silver, these dollars are a prized legacy from the former New Orleans Mint. This historic facility produced U.S. coins from 1838 until the start of the Civil War in 1861 – when it was taken over by southern forces and briefly minted Confederate coinage.

The mint resumed production of U.S. coins from 1879-1909, before the coin presses were shut down for good. Among the coins issued by this facility were treasured Morgan silver dollars – including the ones offered here. When struck, many of these 1884-O Morgan dollars were then stashed away in Treasury vaults and not released until the early to mid 20th century. Today, they offer an

Now, 140 years later, you can own a well-preserved 1884-O Morgan in beautiful Very Choice Uncirculated MS-64 condition. It features full mint luster and all of its original design details. Each piece has been hand selected for quality by our buyers and certified by NGC or PCGS (our choice). Don’t miss out on this stunning “O” Mint Morgan – it’s sure to be a highlight in your collection.