1884-CC Morgan Dollar in Government Holder

Carson City Mint


Select a Grade: Choice Uncirculated

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Add the rich history of Nevada’s legendary Comstock Lode to their collection, with a lustrous Choice Uncirculated MS-63 Morgan silver dollar from the short-lived Carson City Mint! Many low-mintage “CC” Morgans ended up in U.S. Treasury vaults, where they lay forgotten for decades. Upon rediscovery in the 1960s, the coins were sold to the public in special government holders.

Now you can give a desirable, Choice Uncirculated 1884-CC Morgan sealed in a General Services Administration (GSA) holder. Plus, they’ll also get a FREE reproduction of an old-time photograph that’s suitable for framing, showing bars of silver from the Comstock Lode ready for shipment to the mints. This gift is filled with numismatic and historical interest – order now.