1883 "No Cents" Gold-Plated Liberty Head Nickel in Showpak


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When introduced in 1883, Liberty Head nickels bore a large roman numeral V (5) on the reverse but without the word cents. The obverse design was so similar to that of $5 gold pieces that con artists gold plated the nickels and successfully passed many of them off as $5 gold coins!

  • First-year 1883 Liberty Head "No Cents" nickel
  • Plated with 24k gold to re-create racketeer coin!
  • Displayed in Littleton's exclusive Showpak®
  • Back of Showpak tells fascinating racketeer story!

The word cents was added to the first-year-of-issue Liberty Head nickels partway through 1883 to thwart the con men, and the original 1883 "No Cents" nickel became a short-lived collector favorite. Order yours today!