1883-CC $20 Gold Liberty Head

Carson City Mint


Select a Grade: Choice About Uncirculated 55 PCGS

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U.S. coins from the short-lived Carson City Mint are considered among the most elusive of all, and these scarce 1883-CC $20 gold pieces are no exception. The Carson City Mint produced U.S. coins only from 1870-1893, and less than 2% of $20 gold pieces minted during those years were struck at Carson City. These low-mintage Liberty Heads, issued for local and regional use, were struck with gold from the western mines! Thanks to an opportunity purchase, you can own a handsome 1883-CC $20 piece in your choice condition. Each coin offered here has been hand selected by our buyers and certified by PCGS. Experts estimate that today fewer than 2,600 of each date exist in all grades. These scarce beauties will be a treasured acquisition for a few lucky collectors. But order now – we only have a couple of each available.