1883-1909 New Orleans Mint Denomination Set


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Now own four 90% silver U.S. coins issued by the fascinating former New Orleans Mint! With this historic set, you'll enjoy a Barber dime, Barber quarter and Barber half dollar issued during the early 1900s and a prestigious Morgan silver dollar issued during the 1880s, with all four coins bearing the coveted "O" mint mark.

Established in 1838 to serve southern and western regions of the young nation, the New Orleans Mint issued U.S. coins from 1838 until 1861, when it was taken over first by the seceded state of Louisiana and then by the Confederacy – the mint's third "master" within just 10 weeks! Remaining idle for years after the war, the New Orleans Mint resumed U.S. coin production from 1879 until 1909 when the presses were shut down for good. The 4 classic silver coins were issued over 105 years ago, recalling a bygone era, and the set comes in a FREE display case – order today!