1882 O/O Morgan Silver Dollar, VAM #7

New Orleans Mint


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Thanks to a recent opportunity purchase from an old-time original group, we’re able to offer you the most dramatic O mint mark repunch in the entire Morgan series! The popular 1882 “O over O” variety was created when the mint mark was punched into the die by hand, and misalignment occurred between blows. Struck at the New Orleans Mint, this variety is most easily identified by the strong remains of the second “O” mint mark inside the “O” as well as below it.

A VAM variety is a coin with recognizably different features than others of the same date and mint. VAM takes its name from avid researchers and silver dollar enthusiasts Leroy Van Allen and A. George Mallis. Plus, the sought-after 1882 O/O Morgan, VAM-7 offered here, is listed as #43 in the book The Top 100 Morgan Varieties: The VAM Keys by Michael S. Fey, PhD and Jeff Oxman. The coins we are offering are in lustrous grades – struck over 140 years ago! We have hand selected each one for quality and eye appeal, and placed it in a deluxe holder. We were only able to secure a limited number of these desirable 1882 O/O coins to offer you, so order now while our supply lasts!