1881-S Morgan Silver Dollar in Holder

San Francisco Mint


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Every collector longs for showpiece coins that exhibit classic styling and exceptional eye appeal. Often, adding a coin like that to your collection costs more than you want to pay. But you can now own an affordable coin that fits the bill – a lustrous Uncirculated 1881 “S” Mint Morgan silver dollar.

Morgan dollars struck in 90% silver at San Francisco during the early years of the 1878-1921 series are prized for brilliant luster and strong strike. And since many 1881-S Morgan dollars were carefully preserved in mint bags for decades before release to the public, this is an affordable way to own an early Mint State Morgan from San Francisco. Each 1881-S has been graded Uncirculated MS-60 by our experts, and comes presented in a protective holder. Highlight your collection with one of these magnificent “S” Mint Morgans!