1879-1890 Consecutive Date Morgan Dollar Set


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Enhance your collection with a complete 12-year set of Morgan silver dollars. Rightly called the "King of America's coins," the Morgan dollar is the U.S. and world's most popular classic silver dollar. Morgan dollars from the second Philadelphia Mint tell the story of America's illustrious past.

Once the capital city of our fledgling nation, home to the Liberty Bell and Independence Hall, Philadelphia was also the site of the first U.S. Mint. And it was in that historic city, the very first 90% silver Morgan dollars were struck in March 1878 – a full month before any other branch mints produced theirs. Because Philadelphia was the only U.S. mint until 1838, its coins didn't have mint marks. (The first "P" mint mark appeared in 1942.)

Now with this special offer you'll enjoy a complete 12-year set of Philadelphia Morgan dollars – all consecutively dated. You'll own silver dollars from 12 dramatic years in American history, 1879-1890, years that saw our nation evolve into a world power. You'll get the important second-year 1879 coin, and 11 other consecutively dated dollars. Plus, each one is hand-selected and in desirable Extra Fine condition.

Order today and get this complete 12-year Morgan dollar set, plus, when you take advantage of this special offer, you'll SAVE off individual coin prices! With the growth of coin collecting and outstanding demand, some Morgan dollars, once relatively easy to find, have become elusive! Order your 12-coin consecutive year set of 1879-1890 Morgan dollars today while these silver classics are still available!