1878-S-1882-S First Five Years Morgan Dollar Set


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Few coins match large-size U.S. silver dollars for appeal, and Morgan dollars hold a special place in collectors’ hearts. With over 3⁄4 of an ounce of 90% silver, these prized coins are known as “cartwheels” for their size. Now, this handsome set brings you Morgan silver dollars from the first 5 years of the series struck at the San Francisco Mint. Nicknamed the “Granite Lady,” this facility survived the great 1906 earthquake. And even after more than a century, these Morgan dollars are still in Fine or better condition showing all the major design features.

This magnificent 1878-1882 set gives you beautiful “S” mint mark silver dollars from an era when the San Francisco Mint produced some of the most attractive, well-struck Morgans. These coins from the first five years of the series are avidly sought after by collectors today!

But over the years, millions of Morgans disappeared through the silver melts – not to mention loss through attrition – and today, who knows exactly how many still survive. Always popular with collectors because of historical interest and eye appeal, you won’t want to wait to order this attractive and affordable hand-selected set. Plus, your 5-coin set is presented in a FREE display case.