1878 7TF & 1878-S Morgan Dollar Set in Display Case


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You can now own two different first-year Morgan silver dollars – which are in such great demand, that it's been nearly a decade since we last featured these 1878s in our catalogs! And while all first-year-of-issue coins are collector favorites, 90% silver Morgan dollars offer a unique combination of size, weight, age, classic design and historical interest! Available by special purchase, your first-year set will include the 1878 Philadelphia Mint Morgan with 7 tail feathers (which replaced the 1878 dollar with 8 tail feathers, deemed "anatomically inaccurate"). Plus, you'll receive the sought-after 1878-S, first of the early San Francisco Mint Morgans highly acclaimed for their strong strikes and overall beauty. Your 1878 7TF and 1878-S issues are in an attractive yet affordable condition, encapsulated in a FREE display case, and you'll SAVE off individual coin prices. Don't miss this first opportunity in nearly a decade to acquire prized first-year-of-issue Morgan dollars from our catalog!