1878 7 Tail Feather 2nd & 3rd Reverse Morgan Dollar Set


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The year 1878 is special to collectors because Morgan dollars were first produced. However, few realize the U.S. Mint in Philadelphia actually struck three different reverse designs that year. First was an eagle with 8 tail feathers. then, due to disagreement over how many tail feathers the eagle should show, existing dies were reimpressed with 7 tail feathers, creating a 7 over 8 Tail Feathers variety. Finally, new dies were created for the 7 Tail Feather Morgan dollar. However, two major varieties of this final design emerged.

This 2-coin set gives you both 7 tail feather designs – the 2nd Reverse with parallel top arrow feather and concave eagle’s breast, and the scarcer 3rd Reverse with a slanted top arrow and convex eagle’s breast. Get yours in Very Fine condition and SAVE off single coin prices!