1878-1921 POSD Morgan Dollar Set


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No other coin matches the popularity, beauty and historical significance of 1878-1921 Morgan silver dollars. And now, you can enjoy these, with this complete 4-coin mint set.

With their handsome looks, big 90% silver Morgan dollars recall an era long vanished and are genuine legacies of America’s past. This set includes Morgan dollars from 1 historic U.S. Mint no longer in operation today and 3 current ones – four in all (dates our choice):

  • Philadelphia (no mint mark) – the mother mint – which struck Morgan dollars a full month before any other U.S. branch mint.
  • New Orleans "O" – the Dixie mint that operated under the U.S. Government, the State of Louisiana and the Confederacy.
  • San Francisco "S" – nicknamed the Granite Lady for its classic architecture style, this mint withstood the 1906 earthquake.
  • Denver "D" – the Mile High mint issued the first and only "D" Mint Morgans in 1921.

The Extra Fine coins in your 4-coin set are encapsulated and presented in a deluxe leatherette display case, plus you’ll SAVE off individual prices!